Thursday, January 15, 2009

Passion and Your Life's Purpose

What exactly is your passion, how do you discover it, and how do you live your life through it?

Your passion is that which results from proper alignment of your inner and outer purposes. On a basic level, your inner and outer purposes can be defined as follows. Your inner purpose is to convey to a particular audience a message that contributes to the greater good of the universe. Your outer purpose is the modality of conveyance, how you will communicate the message to the audience for which it is intended. Depending on your specific purposes, your audience could be your self, your immediate family, a group of peers, a community organization, a country, or even the world. When you identify your inner and outer purposes, then you can truly discover your passion. When you put your inner and outer purposes into action, then you can realize your passion; you can live life through your passion.

Many people are unable to accurately identify their true passion because they search for it outside of themselves. When searching, they may identify passions in others and try to take those passions on as their own, only to realize that they remain unfulfilled. Just because a certain person has achieved success, or fulfillment, through his passion does not mean that you will achieve success or fulfillment if you assume his passion as your own. Your passion cannot be assumed from someone outside of yourself. Your inner and outer purposes are not exactly the same as someone else’s. In other words, your message to convey and modality of conveyance are unique to you and, consequently, your passion is unique as well. Passion can only be manifested from within. You may look to others for guidance and support when looking for your passion, but you will ultimately find it within yourself. If you have not identified it yet, know that it is within you and that you can identify it by allowing it to emerge through the clouds of thought and external distractions.