Thursday, April 2, 2009


The road to love begins with forgiveness. Forgiveness is relieving yourself of all negative energies toward your self, others, and God. It is seeing the luster of God’s light through the internal and external distractions that restrict you from living in the present moment. When you see His light shine through the conditions of any circumstance, good or bad, you know that everything is okay; you know that the conditions were perfectly designed for the greater good of all that is.

Forgiveness is of God. When you forgive, you are with God; you see the world through His eyes. You realize that not all outcomes align with your expectations, but you know that if you choose to dwell on such outcomes, you reject the presence of God. You react to everything with complete acceptance. Whether or not you deem an experience as favorable, you acknowledge what happened and move forward without attachments.

Forgiveness is not conditional; you do not forgive because you expect something in return from the one you are forgiving.

Forgiveness does not occur out of spite; you don’t forgive when you are angered with a situation and simply don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Forgiveness does not occur out of superiority; you do not forgive so that you can be perceived as the better person.

You forgive so you can stop rejecting God with negative attachments and join Him in the everlasting present moment.

Just as with love, you must cultivate forgiveness within your soul before it can be articulated outward. It must reside in your heart before you can offer it to someone else. It is much like a muscle. You cannot share with others physical and mental muscles that you do not have. You must adequately strengthen them with exercise before they can be shared with others. Certainly, you can strengthen your physical and mental muscles by exercising them with other people, but you must strengthen the muscles enough for yourself before you can exercise them with someone else. Similarly, you build your spiritual muscle of forgiveness by identifying a spark of forgiveness within your heart and then exercising that forgiveness toward yourself and others.

As you learn to forgive yourself, the love in your soul grows stronger and you can begin to exercise forgiveness toward others. As the love in your life continues to magnify, you evolve toward a life absent of all negative energies, a life blessed with complete forgiveness.

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