Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Servitude is offering your God-given resources, to anyone or anything, as contributions to the greater good of all that is. Servitude is a strand of Love that allows God’s divine Love to shine through you as you give to someone who needs what you have to offer. God provides you with an individually unique abundance of resources that you can offer as gifts to the overall wellbeing of the world. Your God-given resources might be in the form of time, talents, skills, knowledge, emotional support, physical labor, friendly gestures, respectable character, material offerings, or spiritual presence. By practicing servitude you give away what God has given to you. You provide service to others who need your abundance for their growth in God’s Word. You “pay it forward” to honor God who first gave it to you.

The dimensions for servitude are boundless. You can practice servitude toward a person or an animal, to a friend or a stranger, at home or at work, while on vacation or in your own town. It can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Whatever you do, when you use your resources for God’s work, you are practicing servitude. Servitude does not require extensive effort to make a meaningful difference. It can be exercised as a simple smile or friendly “hello.” Or, it can be performed to the extent of laying down your life for a meaningful cause.

When serving others, you are serving God, carrying out His will for your unique words, actions, and behaviors to leave a positive imprint on the lives of those He graces through you. And, as you practice servitude toward others, you also serve yourself because, ultimately, you receive more of that which you give away.

When you exercise servitude by offering your resources for the greater good, God gives you more. He ensures that you have an abundance of that which you give away through His name.

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