Sunday, October 5, 2008

Compliments from God

Challenges in our lives are compliments from God.

Just as a promotion at work is received as a compliment from your boss, so should a struggle in life be received as a compliment from God. Your boss offers you a promotion because he identifies that you are successful in your current position; he has confidence in your abilities to take on additional responsibilities and challenges. As such, God has confidence in you to persevere through the struggles that he injects into your life. “Only the strong survive” & “God doesn’t give you mountains that you can’t climb” are quoted examples that clarify the truth of this concept.

The death of a loved one, the loss of a house, addiction, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, and job loss are all examples of struggles placed in your life because God believes that you can overcome the challenges. View each and every challenge as a compliment just as you would view a promotion at work. Rather than envy, or express jealousy towards, individuals who do not face similar struggles, thank God for the opportunity to show Him that you possess the strength and faith to persevere through the challenges that He presents to you. Pride yourself on the fact that He gave you the promotion to assume added responsibility. Determination and endurance lead to success through overcoming struggles and ultimately yield enhanced strength, well being, and preparedness for future endeavors.

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