Monday, October 27, 2008

Productive Thought

When I think, I try to think productively. And, when I don't think productively, I simply try not to think.

Productive thinking is a choice that we can either embrace or reject. It is no more or no less than just the right thought at just the right time. The Holy Spirit, the Source of all productive thought, gently places such thoughts into our minds to promote the greater good; to stimulate growth, progression, innovation, and success within our lives and the lives of others. Think productively by being aware of these thoughts and choosing to use them for growth opportunities. Through productive thought, you can establish and achieve productive goals. You can substantially grow your levels of emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Destructive thought, which is forcefully driven into the mind by the ego, exists as a barrier to productive thought. Such thought, which is also a choice, fosters negativity, stress, regression, and failure within our lives. Thinking destructively restricts us from achieving our goals. Train yourself to think productively. When your mind thinks productively, continue thinking. When your mind thinks destructively, choose to cease your thinking. Simply be still.

Think in moderation; caution yourself to not think excessively. Excessive thought can prompt monotonous thought, which ultimately yields destructive thought. What once was productive thought can turn into destructive thought in an instant. This Truth may be better understood by comparing the mental exercise of thinking to physical exercise. Exercising in excess can be detrimental not only to the body, but also to the mind. When you exercise physically, you rest your muscles to allow them an opportunity to grow. If you engage in a productive exercise routine, to maximize the effect you will allow yourself an exercise free moment to grow your muscles. You do not immediately go through subsequent routines without rest.

The same is true with your mind. You must rest your thought to grow your mind. You may be thinking the same thoughts as you were in the productive process, but excessive repetition will slow and eventually halt growth. When you rest your productive thought, allow yourself to be thoughtless. Simply be aware. Relax your mind without thought the same as you relax your body without movement. Thoughtless moments are just as powerful for the mind as exercise free moments are for the body. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow. Choose productive thought. Then, choose to be still.

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