Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Rainy Day at the Lake

A rainy day at the lake is better than a sunny day in town. This is true not only in the literal, physical context for me, but also as a metaphor for all that is valued in life.

So what exactly does this mean? This message is essentially conveying that the worst moment of doing something that we love is better than the best moment of doing something that we don’t love. The worst day of doing something that aligns with our passion is better than the best day of doing something that we are not passionate about. This truth can be applied to virtually all areas of life.

For example, you can be highly successful in a particular career, but if that career doesn’t align with your passion, you lack fulfillment. You feel better doing that which you are passionate about, even if you are not as successful as perceived through the eyes of others or yourself. 

In the context of your career, your true passion may be best realized by expressing yourself through music, but you are employed full time as a lawyer. Or, your passion may be best realized by expressing yourself as a writer, but you work full time as an accountant. No matter how successful you are as a lawyer or an account, if your true passion is best realized through music or writing, and you do not have a respective outlet to express yourself, then you will lack fulfillment.

On its deepest, most meaningful level, this truth exists in the spiritual context. A perceived bad day in the conscious presence of God, in the awareness of the present moment, is better than the best day of continuous thoughts racing through your head. Regardless of the physical or mental state you may be in, a moment connected to God is better than even the happiest moment of incessant thoughts occupying your mind.

Physically, we are not able to spend ever day at the lake, so we must allow ourselves to be at ease while in town. Fortunately, however, in the spiritual realm we can be at the lake whenever we choose to be there. We can connect to God’s presence at any moment in time to leave the town of external distractions and incessant thought patterns. We can be at ease by connecting with the present moment.

As spiritual beings, we are graced with the ability to return to the spiritual lake without even a moment’s notice. God is always there. The lake is always available and accessible. If we are ever at a place, physically or mentally, that does not align with our passion, we can choose to connect to God’s presence and instantly be where we want to be.

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