Friday, October 10, 2008

Volatile Economy Prompts Spiritual Opportunity

As we face the challenges of an unstable economy and volatile stock market, an opportunity surfaces for our entire society to strengthen intangible assets such as faith, hope, and love. The burden of fear, which is a natural response during such times, becomes more prevalent as we lose money and our net worths decline. Fortunately, however, we are blessed with inherent tools to overcome such fear. Strong faith, powerful hope and genuine love will allow us to face these fears with strength, tenacity, and perseverance.

These times may prompt our nation to once again realize that competing with one another to have the most money, the finest things, and the highest status does not necessarily cultivate a recipe for long-term success. The intense competition amongst individuals, families, friends, businesses, races, religions, political parties, countries, etc., is perceptually strengthening the tangible assets of some while simultaneously breaking down our society’s entire realm of intangible assets, the very assets that exist at the core of our being and make all good things possible.

This is an opportunity for us to seek deep within ourselves to identify our true strengths and integrate them with the strengths of others. Combining and employing our individual strengths to serve the greater good of our society, rather than striving to serve our own selfish desires, will help our culture shift from a focus on tangible successes to a focus on intangible successes such as contentment and happiness, successes that rank infinitely higher on the scale of true value. We have the opportunity to replenish the intangible void that was prompted by the desire to generate an abundance of easily measured, tangible assets. Now is the time, not to panic, but to work together, to return to our true selves.

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