Monday, October 13, 2008

You Get What You Give

You get what you give…this is a fascinating and rewarding, but sometimes difficult to comprehend, concept that holds true across limitless areas of life.

Although it crosses countless realms, it is not always clear that this truth exists. Fortunately, however, in certain areas, which will be addressed in the following narrative, this truth is easier for our perceptions to realize. And, when we identify this truth within contexts in which it is more easily understood, we encounter an opportunity to develop a deeper knowing of its existence within contexts in which it is sometimes less easy to understand.

In the context of talents, for example, when you give, or use, your talents, you receive more of those talents by strengthening them through practice. In the context of physical fitness, when you give, or use, your muscles to exercise or for a laborious task, you receive more muscles because your activity makes them stronger. In the context of gestures, giving positive gestures, such as a friendly smile or a compliment, to others often results in a smile or compliment returned to you.

In the context of knowledge, if you give, or use, your knowledge to teach others or to study, you will receive more knowledge as you learn new lessons and facts through your efforts and experience. In the context of spirituality, when we give our own presence to an environment occupied by others, we receive more presence in the moment, as those around us will become more present themselves.

Through these examples, the truth is clear. God ensures that we will receive more of what we give so that we can continue to contribute our gifts to the greater good of the world. Though this truth may be less easy to comprehend in other contexts, such as those of financial and material wealth, we do receive more money and material assets when we give them to other entities or purposes as a means to enhance the greater good. God ensures that all gifts we offer, intangible or tangible, are returned to us, often in greater supply than the original amount offered.

Strengthen yourself and your impact on the world…offer what you can…give what you are able.

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